Meeting Place

Mtg Time


Academic Decathlon M Newton 303 Every Monday before and after school. Students meet twice, weekly, in order to prepare themselves for competition against local schools. topics covered include math, science, social science, literature, economics, music, and art
Artswork Academy Howard J005 1-2 Times A Month An academy that focuses on the arts




Wednesday after school .

To promote cultural awareness by informing our peers of Asian traditions



In class

During class

AVID is a four year program whose purpose is to help students prepare and be successful in a 4-year college

Badminton Club Ramondini     Offer an opportunity for students to congrgate for physical activity and fun. There is no after school or before school sports, including badmintin. Students have requested a badminton club and I would like to offer the opportunity on our campus.
Ballroom Dancers Rau R009 After school, every other Tuesday

The club will work on teaching it's members a variety of fun and easy to learn versions of ballroom dances. These dances will include but are not limitied to; the Quick Step, Foxtrot, and the Cha-Cha.




During class

Perform for concerts, festivals, parades, athletics, and events here at Sheldon, and in the community




1st Tuesdays of every month @ 3:15

To explore both post-secondary education and employment in the current emerging high growth science career labor market and to provide community service

Black Student Union



Every other Wednesday

To unify African American Students on our campus and to educate others about African American culture and history

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)



After School, Monthly

The California Scholarship Federation exists to promote and recognize high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of students in California schools. Students who apply and are accepted in CSF will participate in community service and fundraising activities

Campus for Christ (CFC)

R. Miller


Every other Wednesday @ 8am

To serve Christ and spread his good news to others




2nd Wednesday @ 3:05

Develop interest in sciences

Choir Hebert K013 During Class To promote interest in those who want to sing.
Computer Foster      


M Newton


2nd Wednesday @ 3:15

Awareness and education about the law

Dance To The Muse Herbert K013 Announced 2 Weeks Ahead Of Time To dance to all forms of music without needing to have any previous experience. We will learn new styles and expand the mind to all kinds of dancing. We are adopting Jazz dance as a way of developing different styles in dance and moving outside a class curriculum, while also making it more flexible towards students' schedules who may not have time to take a class such as Jazz dance while still being able to enjoy dancing and learn about it




Weekly- See School Calendar

The FFA develops a student's potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Wallace Ussery R018 Every Other Wednesday After School To free our creative mind and let it wander to take us a place it's never been before. FIDM Fashion Club is the place to design your future
Gentlemen's Club McMorris C001 During lunch To motivate Sheldon High School young men the style of dressing in the most quintessential way. We will show young men different styles of dressing, but most importantly is for our young men to represent Sheldon in a very good way

GSA - Gay-Straight Alliance



Tuesdays of a month @3:15

To give students an opportunity to discuss and appreciate the different sexual orientations on campus.

Husky Nation



AO Will be announced To help the school develop more spirit throughout various activities created by our elected officiers
Huskies In Bollywood Robinson D206 Once a month To exhibit and promote Bollywood music, movies, and dance
Interact Cub Gradin     To help students develop leadership skills and to connect with community leaders.





To learn about Japan and its culture

Key Club



Tuesdays after school

Encourage service to the school and community through various community service projects

Korean Music Club Engleman Near the library

Monday after school

To learn more about K-POP music and dance

La Raza



First Thursday of every month @ 3:15

To learn more about Latino culture

TEAM Husky

Alwis/Laurison/ Ramondini

Varies On Groups and Teacher Mentors

Every Wednesday Morning @ 9:00

Nationally recognized program that works to welcome Freshmen to our High School. Open to Juniors and Seniors on campus. Students continue as mentors in the TEAM Husky program





The purpose of mathletes is to foster and promote an appreciation of mathematics through testing, competitions, and other mathematical activities.

National Honor Society



Usally At 9AM on non-TEAM Husky Wednesdays; specific dates TBD

The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students in secondary schools. Each member is expected to complete an individual and group community project in addition to the yearly requirements

Outdoors Club Uyeyama D204 Wednesday At 3:15 Provide an environment for developing positive relationships, inspire and empower students to initiate positive action in their communities, and experience adventures in the outdoors with the purpose of meaningful education in nature, team building, and character development

Pacific Islander Club



Friday At 3:15

Showcase and celebrate the Pacific Island culture

Paw Prints

Every other Monday, after school

To establish a dialogue between students about social life and provide a platform for student voices.
Photography Club Coates J006 Wednesdays At 9AM To showcase student's talents and provide students with tools and opportunities to improve and learn
Punjabi Virsa Club Gil   Once a month At 3:15PM To showcase Punjabi traditions and culture

Science Olympiad




3:05-4:30 (depending on team)

During the school year, a team of 15-17 students prepare to compete in Science Olympiad tournaments held on the local, state, and national levels. These interscholastic competitions consist of a series of 40 individual and team events that encourage learning in biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, problem solving, and technology. Events in the Science Olympiad have been designed to recognize the wide variety of skills that students possess. While some events require knowledge of scientific facts and concepts, others rely on science processes, skills, or applications.

Sheldon's Breaker's Club



3:15 - 4:30

Appreciation for break dance

SHSFilmworks Taylor/Mazz     To help students gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the art of film by viewing, analyzing, and making films. We will be a filmmakers cooperative; forming a network of filmmakers and film lovers working together to share ideas, equipment, skills, and providing educational and equipment resources for independent projects.
Sikh Honor Service Society Flook 320 Scheduled Bi-Weekly To provide an educated and fun environment about Sikhism and the important events happening in our world while providing chances of community service and a fun atmosphere

Students Helping Students



During class

Provide an alternative form of counseling to students. Resolve conflicts amongst students before they escalate. Help out counselors with situations. To model and teach effective problem solving skills. To develop leadership skills through development and participation in campus services.




During 3rd Period Class

Sponsors mainstage theatre productions open to all students fall and spring

Trading Card Game Weavor 335 Thursdays After School To teach and play various trading card games. As by the name, trading cards will be happening but as respect to the school no money money/gambling will be involved. Anyone will be able to socialize with fellow players and have friendly and local tournaments

Universal Rhythm

Roberts/ Child


During 3rd Period Class

To teach students how to dance and to put on a successful dance production.

Yearbook Shupe F016 During 3rd Period Class To create a book that documents and celebrates the unique aspects and events of each school year
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