Academic Awards

The academic award is funded and awarded through Associated Student Body. The award is given to students who qualify with a 3.75 or better GPA for the term and who attend the academic award ceremony. During the ceremony students are called up with their class to receive their letter (just like a varsity letter in sports) and insert to signify how many times they have received the award. We ask that students dress in nice school clothes for the ceremony - no jeans, shorts, or t-shirts. Following the ceremony we invite parents and students to the cafeteria for cookies and cake. Students who qualify for and attend all eight ceremonies will be allowed to wear the teal academic sash at graduation.

Check here for the most recent lists of students qualified for the academic award. The academic award is based on a 3.75 average for Terms 1 and 2 for the spring ceremony and Terms 3 and 4 for the fall ceremony. To receive the award you must turn in a completed application and attend the award ceremony. If you do not attend the ceremony you will not be credited for the award and may not qualify to wear the academic sash at graduation.


What do I get?

For the first award you will receive an Academic Letter that is just like a Varsity Letter you might get in sports. The Academic Letter is white and embroidered with ACADEMIC in the center.

You will also get a small black scroll to signify the first award, that would be sewn on the Academic Letter. Each successive award you receive would include a different insert to be sewn on the letter (you will only receive one letter.)

First - Black Scroll
Second - Teal Scroll
Third - Black Lantern
Fourth - Teal Lantern
Fifth - Black Book
Sixth - Teal Book
Seventh - Paw
Eighth - Medallion/Teal Sash

In addition, if you receive straight A's for both qualifying terms you would receive an A's patch and if you have a 4.0 or better for both terms a 4.0 patch.

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