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Robert Au--Teacher Librarian Helen Le-- Library Technician
PHONE NUMBER: 681-7500 extension x43545 for Robert Au or x43546 for Robin Baldini
HOURS OF OPERATION: The library is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:00-4:00. We are open during both lunches unless a class is scheduled to use the library during 3rd period. We are open for Quiet Study Time on Wednesday mornings from 2:20-4:00. 
The mission of the Sheldon High School Library is to promote life long literacy skills and to ensure that our students can find, evaluate, and utilize information in order to make informed decisions and to be independent thinkers who positively contribute to their community.
The collections in the library are selected based upon the following criteria:
· To ensure the promotion of literacy and leisure reading.
· To promote and reinforce the California State Content Standards.
· To provide current and up-to-date information.
· To ensure that Sheldon High School students have adequate resources that will help them prepare for higher education.
· To ensure that all opinions, political beliefs, and points of view are represented.
· To provide interesting and engaging material appropriate for high school students.
Books circulate for 3 weeks and must be returned or renewed at that time. Students can check out a maximum of 5 books at a time. All students must have a current Sheldon ID card or a valid California Driver’s License to check out library books and/or textbooks. Students with books that are two weeks beyond the overdue date may result in students being blocked from making any site purchases, including dance tickets. 
Please be advised that students are financially responsible for all textbooks and library books they check out from the library. This means that students must pay for all books that are lost or stolen from their possession. Students keep textbooks in their classrooms at their own risk. Many times a student gets a textbook mixed up with another classmate. When this happens, the student is still responsible for the book he/she checked out. If a student needs to pay for a book, payment plans can be arranged with the library. Call 681-7500 ext. 8088 if you have questions regarding the textbook policy.
Once a student has checked out a library book and/or a textbook, he/she is responsible for it. Students may be responsible for any damages not reported within 7 days of receiving their textbooks. They should report any damages to the librarian. A student will be fined for any new damages to the books according to the criteria below:
Minimal writing inside the book  $5-$10
Graffiti and/or excessive writing  $20-25
Minimal liquid damage to where the book is still usable $10-$15
Excessive liquid damage with no mold or mildew ½ the cost
Excessive liquid damage with mold or mildew full price
Torn or missing barcodes $5
Broken corners or spines $10
* All other damages to be assessed and fined accordingly  
Students will be required to pay the full price of any library book or textbook they have lost. If all library materials and/or textbooks are not returned by the last week of school, students will be billed for the full cost of the books. Students must either pay for the lost books or return them to the library before the next school year starts. If a book is found or returned after it has been paid for, a refund will be issued. Students also have the option to replace the lost textbook on or If this is the option a student wishes to pursue, he/she must pick up a Lost Textbook Replacement Form from the library or you may download it on this website. Please see the librarian's school loop website (Karin Ledford) for more detailed guidelines and procedures on replacing lost textbooks. 
Students needing to use the library’s computer lab during library hours must have a Computer Use and Internet Agreement form on file in the library. These forms can be found in the student handbook.