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Engineering and Building Trades

Interested in the Engineering and Building Trades?

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About Engineering and Building Trades

The Engineering and Building Trades Academy is intended for students interested in exploring the skilled trades associated with the building industry as well as engineering disciplines. Steadily growing industrial and high-tech manufacturing segments of the local economy combine with an exceptionally strong construction industry to provide context for the academy. Students begin exploration through general introductory courses. Here they survey career opportunities, engineering fundamentals, basic construction tool use and handling, as well as technical communication skills. Higher level courses allow students to explore more specific areas of building construction and engineering. The Academy develops sustained partnerships with local businesses, trades unions and colleges to ensure coursework relevance, articulation and professional mentoring.
Typical topic areas include:
Building Trades
• Fine Finish Work
• Residential and Commercial Construction Engineering
• Civil, Structural, Architecture, Surveying
• Mechanical, Robotics
• Electrical/Electronics, Computer, Software
• Animation
This Academy will assist students in career opportunities such as Construction Management, Construction Journeymen, Engineers and Architects.
The following courses are offered:
 Required Core Classes:
  • Building Trades I
  • Engineering Technology
Approved Classes to meet the Academy requirements of 70 units (must take any 4 within this group):
  • Building Trades II (repeatable)
  • Building Trades III (repeatable)
  • Engineering Design A
  • Engineering Design B
  • Engineering C
Approved Science electives after meeting requirements above:
  • A.P. Chemistry
  • A.P. Physics
  • Trigonometry