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Interested in the Equitas?

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Equitas is an Academy built upon the foundations of political science and public policy. It is intended for students interested in fields such as: law, politics, law enforcement, lobbying, journalism, education and many other social service careers. This Academy is designed to cultivate in students an understanding of democratic civil values, an appreciation for our constitutional heritage, the role of government in society, and an inspired sense of social participation in the democratic process.


Equitas classes are divided into four strands of political science:
  • Law and Legal studies
  • Citizenship and Civic Ethics
  • Government Structure and Public Policy
  • Global Issues and International Relations
In addition to basic skills such as critical thinking and comprehension, an emphasis is placed on a diverse range of opportunities such as job shadowing, speakers from the community at the mandatory monthly meetings, service learning, field trips to State Agencies, and internships to assist students in identifying areas of personal interest and developing their educational goals.
Students choose from a list of Academy focus electives to complete the required 70 units.
Required Core Classes:
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • You and the Law/California History
  • International Relations/ U.S. Supreme Court
Approved Classes to meet Academy Requirements of 70 Units:
  • Peer Counseling
  • Student Government
  • Creative Writing
  • World Language
  • Business Law
  • Psychology
  • Academic Competitions
  • Criminalistics
Approved Electives after meeting the Requirements above:
  • Honors Political Science/A.P. Government
  • A.P. Psychology
  • A.P. Economics
  • A.P. English 11 or 12
  • A.P. US History
  • A.P. World History
Equitas is an exciting program. Proximity to our State Capitol provides unique access to the process of governance. Visiting speakers and on-site visits offer rare opportunities for students to observe and participate in political activities and gain a greater understanding of our democratic system. Students will develop their skills as thinkers, leaders, and responsible citizens.