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Academies & Pathways

About Sheldon High School Academies & Pathways 
Sheldon High School offers five Academy/Pathways Programs in which students may become involved. These programs are built upon inter-disciplinary curriculum in a focused job career area. The purpose of these programs are to help students excel through rigorous courses and introduce them to career options and paths. Academy/Pathway programs are structured so that participating students explore areas of study in a deeper way while developing their talents and skills as they explore a career choice and the world of work. Sheldon High School sponsors six Programs: Agriculture (FFA), ARTSwork, Biotech, Building Trades, Engineering and Architecture, and C.O.D.E.
Steps to join an Academy or Pathway Program:
Please stay tuned for more information about joining an Academy or Pathway for the 25-26 school year. 
If you are interested in joining an Academy or Pathway for the 24-25 school year please reach out directly to the Academy and/or Pathway teachers. 
Academy and Pathway Heads:
Agriculture (FFA) - Chelsey Anderson,
ARTSwork - Theresa Nguyen,
Biotech - Justin Cecil,
Building Trades - Jeff Merker,
Engineering and Architecture - Marc Wheeler,
C.O.D.E - Linda Dewberry,
*Interest and acceptance in the Sheldon Acadmies or Pathways does not guarantee EGUSD intra-district transfer approval pending Open Enrollment availability.