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You’ve built your college list. Next, you’ll start working on your college applications! Get to know the applications for the colleges on your list. They’re all a little different. It’ll be a lot easier to fill them out if you know what to expect. 

CCC, CSU, and UC Applications

There are three kinds of public  -- California Community Colleges (CCC), California State University (CSU), and University of California (UC).  Each one has its own online application. You only have to fill out each application once. You can send it to as many campuses as you want. Simple!
Launch your CCC, CSU, or UC application from Then, track it in My Plan. Click the links below to learn how.

Common Application (Common App)

Almost 900 colleges across the country use the Common App. Most of them are private colleges.  Some public colleges in other states use it, too.  In California, if you’re applying to a private college that’s a , you’ll most likely use the Common App.
The Common App makes it easy to manage your applications to colleges that use it. You can:
  • Keep track of the admission requirements for each Common App college.
  • Apply to all of them from one place. 

Common Black College Application (CBCA)

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are colleges founded before 1964 with a mission to educate Black students. 58 HBCUs across the country use the CBCA.
  • You only have to fill out the application and pay the $20 fee once.
  • You’ll choose your top four HBCUs, but your application will go to all 58 colleges that use the CBCA. 

Other College Applications

Some colleges don’t share an application with other colleges or campuses.  They’ll only accept their own school-specific application.  Others colleges may let you choose between a shared application, like the Common App, or a school-specific application.  Which one you choose won’t affect your chances of being admitted.  So, feel free to choose the application that’s best for you.
  • Apply on time.  Keep track of application deadlines in My Plan
  • Read through the college’s admissions website.  Learn about the application process ahead of time.
  • Make sure you understand the admission requirements.  If you have questions, contact the college admissions office. 
  • After you apply, track your submission dates in My Plan.