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Cirkled In is an award-winning, secure, FREE platform for students to create an electronic portfolio showcasing their holistic skills and achievements.  Get discovered by colleges and increase your success rate for all applications - from internships to summer jobs and more.
Apply for the Cirkled In "No Sweat" Scholarship by creating a Free account on .  The deadline to apply is December 31. No income or GPA requirements, and no long essay.  $2,500 award can be used for any educational need. researched 17 of the most popular scholarship search platforms currently available.  These online scholarship directories were analyzed and audited using five core metrics to identify key functionality, research tools, and useful student resources.  Use the link below to access the results of the study including: 
Online Scholarship Directory ranking
       What should you know about scholarships
       How scholarship search platforms work
       What students should know before they search for a scholarship
       Guide to applying for scholarships 
BestColleges "The Student's Guide to College Scholarships and Grants"
This Guide Provides an overview of college scholarships and grants, including eligibility requirements and strategies for finding your best opportunities. Learn more about:
  • Grant vs. Scholarship: How Do They Differ?
  • The 3 Types of Grants for College Students
  • The 6 Types of Scholarships for College Students
  • How to Find and Apply for Scholarships and Grants
  • How to Raise Your Chances of Getting a Scholarship
  • FAQs About Scholarships and Grants

Where To Look For Scholarships....

Look beyond colleges and universities for scholarships. Educational funding in the private sector has increased dramatically in recent years. Many organizations offer scholarships, including:
  • State & local governments
  • Businesses
  • Employers
  • Clubs
  • Associations
  • High schools
  • Civic Groups
  • Church & religious organizations
  •  Trade associations
  •  Labor unions
  •  Political parties
  • Military Associations
  • Private foundations
  •  Private charities
  • Ethnic organizations
A link to the list of scholarship opportunities can be found in the column to the right. Visit and review the list often, as it is continually updated.

Public Scholarship Search Platforms

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More Online Scholarship Directories Scholarship Search The largest free database of scholarships SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid Asian and Pacific Islanders American Scholarship Fund United Negro College Fund American Indian College Fund Association on American Indian Affairs Latino Scholarships Latino Scholarships Latino Scholarships Latino Scholarships Hispanic Scholarship Consortium Gates Millennium Scholars Military Scholarships

Scholarship Lists

2022-2023 Scholarships

Student Data Sheet

Need a Letter of Recommendation? Download and complete the attached Senior Data Sheet and give to your letter writer to provide them with helpful details for your Letter of Recommendation. When asking for a Letter of Recommendation, be sure to allow plenty of time for writing it! (2-3 weeks)

Build Your Resume has provided these FREE resources to help you construct a resume for scholarships, college, employment, etc.

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