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Working in the Trades

Do You Have What It Takes?

A career in the building and construction trades can be a rewarding experience. In addition to excellent pay and benefits, construction offers an opportunity to work outside, to work with your hands and to work as part of a team.


The first step toward a construction career is to determine if this type of work is a good fit with you and your life goals. The next step is to educate yourself about each skilled craft to learn what type of career you want to pursue. 


Stop for a minute and look around your house, school or office.From foundation to roof, the building you are in was created by workers whose skilled craftsmanship enables you to have water, electricity, heating and cooling, comfort and security.


Next time you watch a baseball, football or basketball game check out the stadium. And while you travel our highways and bridges, think of the people who make it all possible: Electricians, Ironworkers, Cement Masons, Roofers, and Plumbers just to name a few.


Construction careers offer opportunity, great wages and benefits, team work and a dynamic work environment. From apprenticeship to Journeyman, you will learn a life-long skill that you can take anywhere in the world.


Even if working with tools is not for you, other careers in construction exist such as architect, planner, inspector, project manager, labor representative and more.

Source: Building California Construction Careers

A Quick Self Assessment For Those Considering A Skilled Trades Apprenticeship

Click Here : This is a "non-scientific" assessment designed to help you take a closer look at apprenticeship expectations and requirements and the opportunity to compare them to your current level of apprenticeship readiness



Rosie the Riveter, pulling up her sleeve while saying "We can do it!"
Construction careers offer women high wages and great benefits. The best thing about the wages for a woman in construction is that there is no glass ceiling. Every qualified journeyperson is paid the same.
 A woman can expect to earn 20-30% more in a construction career than in a more traditional woman's career.
 The construction industry's urgent need for skilled workers creates opportunities for women to enter the field. 
Click Here to watch our "Women Can Build California" video and hear tradeswomen tell their own stories.