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Counseling Team

Counseling Team

counseling staff photo
Pictured left to right: Arlena Fendall, Danielle Lucas, Daisy Villanueva, Juan Cortez, Ana Hidalgo, Geo Godoy,
Marque Willis, Kelly Zehnder, Jen Gardner, Natalie Alaniz, Ken Watkins, Amy Cassella

A - Ce

Ch - Fi

Fl - J

K - Me


Mi - Po
Pr - St

Su - To

Tr - Z

Amy Cassella

Kelly Zehnder

Geovanny Godoy

Natalie Alaniz 


Edlyn "Ely" Corona
Ken Watkins
JC Cortez

Ana Hidalgo

Jen Gardner (Wednesdays Only)

Marque Willis (1st period only)




College & Career Center

Counseling Technician

Work Permits/CTE



Arlena Fendall 

Daisy Villanueva 

Danielle Lucas

Danielle Lucas

Laurie Bocci

Kayla Whatley

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Counseling Office Hours: 7:45am - 4:15pm
This is a summary of Sheldon's programs and statistics.
Colleges use the School Profile to better understand the rigor and academic offerings of a high school. 

Handbook from Freshmen Orientation
Navigating High School For Your Student's Success


Here are the Keys for Academic Success!!


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Student Self-Care Resources
Self-Care Resources



Are you struggling in a class? Do you need tutoring help?
Tutoring Schedule


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Order Your Official or Unofficial Transcript Here!

To obtain a copy of your transcript, please complete the attached Request for Transcript and return it to the Front Office. Should you have questions, please contact Laurie Bocci (Registrar) at (916) 681-7500 ext. 43536.

Request for Transcript

Student Work Permit Application

If you have a job, a work permit is required. Work permit applications are available for pick up at the Counseling Office or to print here: Student Work Permit Application. Please complete both pages of the application and turn it into the Counseling Office. If you need additional information please contact Ms. Lucas at  
Student Data Sheet

Will you be needing a Letter of Recommendation? Download and complete the attached "Student Data Sheet". It is important to provide the letter writer with details about yourself that they may not already know. This will help them to write a better, more complete Letter of Recommendation. Plan ahead, and be sure to give the writer plenty of time to compose your letter (2-3 weeks).
Senior Data Sheet