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Academic Awards

Academic Awards

The academic award is awarded through Associated Student Body. The award is given to students who qualify with a 3.75 or better GPA for the term and who attend the academic award ceremony. During the ceremony, students are called up with their class to receive the certificate. We ask that students dress in nice school clothes for the ceremony - no jeans, shorts, or T-shirts. Students who qualify for all ceremonies every year, and have been a Sheldon student for all 4 years, will be qualified to wear the teal academic sash at graduation.
The academic award is based on a 3.75 GPA for Terms 1 and 2 for the spring ceremony and Terms 3 and 4 for the fall ceremony.


Renaissance is a nation-wide program designed to motivate and encourage students by rewarding academic excellence. The Renaissance program at Sheldon High School aims at creating and maintaining a culture in which academic achievement has the same prestige as athletic or artistic achievement. Renaissance employs similar motivational practices to those used in the business world. By providing tangible and visible incentives and rewards to students who improve their level of performance and to those who maintain high levels of achievement, Renaissance re-enforces the behavior that schools promote.
There are three levels of rewards:
Gold - 4.0 or better GPA
Silver - 3.0 or better GPA
Renaissance is a partnership between businesses, community leaders, and education, bringing ideas and people together in order to find ways for students to experience the joy of learning. The rewards at each level are shown below.
Gold (4.0+ GPA)
Silver (3.0+ GPA)
Express Lunch Pass
Two Academic Waivers*
Four Off-Campus Lunch Passes**

Express Lunch Pass
One Academic Waiver*
Two Off-Campus Lunch Passes**

*Subject to teacher approval and restrictions.

**Subject to parent permission each time.
Renaissance rewards are processed for every student who qualifies, there is no application process. Students will need to download the 5-star student app in order to redeem all rewards. Students can check the list in the Activities Office to see if they qualify.