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Dual Enrollment Opportunity

Interested in Taking College Classes While in High School?

EGUSD students have an exciting opportunity to participate in Dual Enrollment, formally called Advanced Education. Dual Enrollment is intended to provide high school students with educational enrichment opportunities at the community college level.  Current high school students who are interested in taking classes at one of the Los Rios Community Colleges (ARC, CRC, FLC, or SCC) may take college courses, with counselor approval .

If you are interested in taking classes at the Los Rios Community College in the spring.  Please join us for the following evening information sessions:
Thursday, October 26th  6:00 PM
  Meeting ID: 895 4501 7412  Passcode: 168855
Wednesday, November 1st 6:00 PM
 Meeting ID: 856 6172 6047     Passcode: 583701

We will discuss…

  • What is Dual Enrollment?
  • What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?
  • How can Dual Enrollment help you?
  • How can Dual Enrollment save you $?
  • Eligibility
  • How to Apply for Dual Enrollment